Top Tips For Traveling With a Dog Today

When people have a dog, they often feel that they’ll be restricted when it comes to travel. It can be challenging to find a reliable kennel where the dog can stay, and many people simply don’t want to leave their pet in an unfamiliar environment, anyway. This may mean that road trips and vacations are a thing of the past for the dog owner. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. As long as a pet owner is prepared to do some planning, the pet can come along on the trip. Here are some top tips for traveling with a dog today.

A Comfortable Crate

A dog crate is an important purchase for anyone who is traveling with their pet. Many pet owners worry about confining their dog to a crate, but the reality is that crating is a way to keep the pet safe during the trip. Most dogs come to enjoy their crates, regarding them as their personal dens. If possible, a collapsible crate should be chosen. This allows the crate to be easily transported into any environment, even hotel rooms.

The Right Route

When on the road with a dog, planning the right route is important. Even if it may require a bit longer on the road, it’s important to plan a route that incorporates plenty of stops. Plan to stop every couple of hours so the pet can stretch its legs and relieve itself. Try to find rest stops with grassy areas for the stops, as busier areas can make the dog nervous or stressed.

The Supplies

There are several supplies that are very helpful when taking a dog on the road. Plan to keep a large bottle of water and a collapsible pet dish in the vehicle in case the dog gets thirsty. Have the dog’s favorite blanket in the vehicle as well, carving out a small space to create a nest for them to lay down during the trip. It never hurts to have a bag of dog treats on hand to use as a distraction if needed. To learn more about traveling with dogs, check out the information here for info.

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