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Tips for Buying Organic, Eco-friendly Candles

Eco-friendly products are becoming more and more popular nowadays, as we all become aware of the damaging effects of human activities on the planet. Among the lesser known but unending debates among ethical consumers, is whether or not burning candles harmless to the environment.

Scented candles can lift our mood in amazing ways, so it’s no wonder that they enjoy a huge demand today. Scented candles can make a house a home, but should it happen at the planet’s expense?

The following are key considerations when buying eco-friendly candles:

Doing Scents The Right Way

There are a few key kinds of wax used to manufacture candles, and you must know how each one of them affects the earth. Here’s a quick list:
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> Soy – (hydrogenated soybean oil

> Palm oil – from palm fruit

> Beeswax – excreted by worker bees after eating honey created by honey bees

> Paraffin – by-product of crude oil refining process

Clearly, you can see that the first three waxes are organic or natural. They are mixed together sometimes for specific reasons. For example, since hydrogenated soybean oil tends to be very soft, it is usually combined with palm. Paraffin is obviously far from being organic or naturalAnd we know it is very dangerous – in fact, even as dangerous as petroleum itself. Paraffin candles contain some 11 known carcinogens, including toluene and benzene. There are at least 11 known carcinogens that can be found in paraffin candles, including benzene and toluene. They contribute to global warming and are non-renewable.


Of course, the wick is important too. The best source is cotton, but sometimes, even cotton wicks have zinc and lead, and we know just how poisonous lead can be. While lead is a banned substance, some manufacturers manage to escape regulation.


The idea is to get candles that are packaged in the least environmentally damaging way. Candles in glass jars or reusable packaging – for instance, soy candles, which are also the most eco-friendly of all – are better than those in materials that add to landfill.


Possibly the most important factor to consider as you shop for candles is how they get their scent. Fragrant oils are synthetic oils derived from petrochemicals and can be severely damaging to our health. Buy candles scented with organic, pure essential oils because they are the safest for both humans and the earth.

Note that candles aren’t all so simple. They don’t only light up a room or emit wonderful aromas, but they can be damaging as well. The idea is to get the right candles, also known as green candles. Research goes a long way in finding the right supplier.

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Tips on Buying Dog Hair Clippers

Dog grooming is a must for every pet owner and they have to do it whether they or the dog likes it and making frequent trips to a professional groomer is not only expensive but it is time consuming thus doing grooming at home is a more practical and less costly option. A pet owner can buy a good pair of dog clippers from the store or online and by following a buying guide for hair clippers for dogs the person will be able to get a good pair of hair clippers. The type of pet hair clippers that the individual intends to buy will depend on various factors that relate to both the pet and the grooming clippers.

A good fact to state is that the fur of the dog is the first thing to look into because they need to because a hair clipper is bought depending on how unruly the coat of the dog gets and the frequency of use is another key consideration since some dogs need to be groomed every month or two for heavy grooming needs and they can also be trimmed after every week or two. A good fact to state is that the thickness and the length of the fur will help to guide the person in purchasing a hair clipper because if the hair is hard to maintain then the person will need heavy duty clippers and hard to keep hair includes hair that is knotted, matted or tangled in any way which prevents grooming from being smooth and straight forward. After analyzing the condition of the dog’s hair, the person should check whether the dog has a natural coat to groom and animal coats that are uncomplicated have short hair and the hair that grows long and continuously will need more maintenance.

Another vital thing to do is to buy pet blades and guards and whether the hair becomes wavy, curly or straight the person will need to purchase pet hair clippers that have changeable blades that can adjust to the various types of coats. Many animal clippers come with only one blade but if they need to buy extra blades they need to aware that the blades are usually sorted by numbers just like human clippers and the lower the number, the less the hair they will be cutting and the higher the number, the more the hair the blade can cut but if the person has a dog that has long hair that they want to keep long they need to select a blade with a lower number.If You Read One Article About Dogs, Read This One

If You Read One Article About Dogs, Read This One

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Why Designs Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Tips for Building your Dog a House It is important for one to consider a few things before choosing to buy a doghouse for their pet. Selecting the right size for a doghouse is very vital in order for your pet to be comfortable and safe at all times. In order to know the right size for a doghouse, one should measure up the dog. The various sizes of doghouses that one can choose to get for their pet are either small, large, extra-large and medium depending on the size of the dog. The doghouse that one gets for their doghouse should be big enough to allow room for the dog to turn around without it facing any difficulty. Going for an extra inch with the width and length as well will help to enhance the comfort of your dog. Another essential tip is that the doghouse should have a door that is large for the pet to enter without having to duck or bend. Building or making your dog a house doesn’t have to be complicated as one has to put a few principles in mind. It is important for one to build the floor just some distance above the ground. This way, any water that might try to get in during the rainy season can be prevented. During the winter season, a raised floor surface helps to keep the floor from the cold ground. It is important for a dog owner to take into account the habits of their dog. It is a common habit for some dogs to sit on top of their houses. One should therefore avoid putting any roll roofing or roof shingles at the top of the house as they get really hot during the summer. This will make the dog uncomfortable to sit at the top of the house as they get burnt by the heat. Therefore, one should use exterior plywood panels which will be more suitable.
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If at all your dog is small in size, one should definitely build it a small house. The house’s interior is warmed by the dog’s body heat during the winter season. A bed of straw for the dog might also come in handy as it will ensure that the dog is comfortable while lying down. Doghouses with overhangs are the most suitable as the doghouse is kept dry at all times especially during the cold and wet seasons.
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Building a doghouse is a do it yourself job for those who want to develop their woodwork skills and save on their money as well. If at all one can’t do the job themselves, they can simply go online and get the doghouse plans and give them to their contractor. It is imperative for one to get a good doghouse for their dog to be comfortable at all times.

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Why Dogs Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Tips for Choosing the Right Vet for Your Dog Maintaining the health status of your dog is very essential if you care enough about it. Yet, since matters are not always under your control, your dog may fall ill occasionally regardless of the care you give it. The good news is that you can rely on the best vet in Parma Ohio to treat your dog, including in emergency cases. Here are a few tips for selecting the right vet for your dog: Referrals from Friends In case your neighbors have a dog, feel free to inquire with them about the person that treats their pet. Go beyond just looking around and identifying the nearest Parma hospital, and determine if friends you know are happy and content with the veterinarian services provided. You may rely on friends to let you know about any good or bad experiences associated with any specific vet.
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Inquire With the Local Police Department
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When the local police department operates a k-9 unit, they usually know a trustworthy vet. Police dogs are usually accorded the best medical care to be effective in their job, so you can ask the department to point you to a vet that offers great services. You may also be pointed in the right direction by local kennel clubs. Call Several Vets After you’ve obtained several recommendations, contact a few of them about the possibility of bringing your dog for an examination. Inform them that you’re looking for a new vet and you’d be pleased to assess their facility. Once you’re allowed to visit, make sure you’re able to evaluate the interactions between the vet and your pet. The best vet must create a comfortable environment for your dog. Lack of comfort for your dog will cause stress on top of an already severe situation. Ask Questions Prior to allowing any vet to treat your dog, be sure you’ve gotten some important answers. You could start by asking about the array of veterinarian services that are available. Are lab exams and x-ray services available at the facility? Additionally, are the lab test analyzed onsite or are they sent to another facility, possibly delaying treatment? It also makes sense to ask about costs of the vet services. In particular, find out about payment plans for surgeries and emergency interventions. When is the clinic open for emergency services? Typically, serious pet accidents can occur outside of business hours, so you need to be sure that your vet will always be there when you need them. Therefore, if you’re in search of a great vet in Parma Ohio to treat your dog, carry out your own investigation and be sure to obtain information on the reputation of your preferred doctor.

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The 5 Commandments of Medications And How Learn More

Ways of Controlling Ticks in Dogs and Cats. Parasites have been known to be organisms that take advantage from other organisms. There are many types of parasites. Examples are flea, tick, mosquito, intestinal worms, and tsetse fly. A parasite that causes malaria is known to be a mosquito. The parasite causes malaria by attacking red blood cells of the body. The female mosquito mostly resides in wet environments. They lay and hatch their eggs in stagnant water. The method of removing this parasite is by use of oil and totally draining the stagnant water. Expect intestinal worms to attack both cattle and humans. It is possible to control intestinal worms through deworming. Expect tsetse fly to be a parasite that attacks both humans and cattle. Bushes are the home of tsetse fly. Tsetse fly transmits sleeping disease through blood. Expect ticks to attack cattle and pets. Lyme disease in cattle is caused by blood. Flea is a parasite that attacks pets and humans. Expect skin irritation and itching after flea attack. All types of parasites depend on the host for shelter, food, and protection. Expect parasites to cause other harmful effects to their hosts apart from causing diseases. These parasites reduce yield in cattle. Worms in cattle cause general emaciation. It is most likely for death to occur on pets as a result of parasite infestation. Let us discuss ticks in dogs and cats.
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A tick belongs to a family of arthropods. It is obvious for a tick to have eight legs and three body parts. Expect a tick to have three life cycles. The first cycle involves the female mosquito laying eggs on the ground. A tick larvae is a hatched egg that grows to become an adult tick. Adults must depend on a suitable host for it to grow. It is obvious for the cycle to start after an adult attains its full growth.
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A tick can be picked by cats and dogs from various places. Examples of attachment objects for ticks are fences, grass, and beddings. It is likely for cats and dogs to pick ticks while playing or leaning on attachment objects. There are many techniques of controlling ticks in dogs and cats. Direct control of ticks involves first identifying them. It is possible to remove ticks from the body of a pet by first removing hair on the infested part and slowly detaching them from the skin. It is worthy to throw ticks into a pit latrine after carefully detaching them from the skin of a dog or cat. Insecticides can help in controlling ticks. The right insecticide should be sprayed on the pet’s dwellings and the outside environment. You can boil pet’s bedding to physically kill ticks. Industrial pest control company can be hired in case of extreme infestation.

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