10 Tips to Eliminate Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by tiredness, stress or trauma, and some simple measures that relieve back pain are enough rest and mobilize muscles to improve blood circulation, promoting well-being.

Check out ten simple tips to eliminate back pain that can be followed step by step.

1. Relax. Try to lie on your side or sit so your back is flat against the chair for a few minutes, and avoid staying in the same position for a long time, even when sitting, lying down, or standing. By being in a more comfortable position, we can breathe better, and the muscle fibers come loose, relieving back pain.

2. Heat up. Put a warm compress exactly on top of the back pain, letting it act for 20 minutes. Here’s how to make a compress on Home treatment for muscle pain.

3. Massage. Take a warm bath and let the stream of hot waterfall very hard exactly in the region where you feel back pain and do a self-massage with a little cream or oil on the back with moderate intensity movements insisting more where There is more pain. Other options are getting a massage from a professional or sitting on a massage chair.

4. Take a medicine. If the back pain is very intense, take a muscle relaxant, an analgesic or put a Salompas patch in the area with medical advice;

5. Rest. Sleep lying on your side, with your head propped up on a not too fluffy pillow for at least 8 hours. Good side sleeper pillow can help you more relax during sleep.

6. Slim down. One of the causes of back pain is the excess weight that overloads the joints and so making a detoxifying diet to eliminate toxins, and excess fluid may be a good strategy to start but doing a re-education diet confers results in the long run, But lasting.

7. Calm down. Put two drops of lavender or macaque essential oil on the pillow as this soothes and promotes sleep.

8. Stretch. Do Sciatic Nerve stretching to your back or with back stretching machine.But avoid stress and do exercises like bodybuilding or dancing.

9. Protect yourself. Avoiding always falls a good way to aid recovery of back pain. For the elderly, you can resort to walking sticks and have some care in the house, such as removing the rugs so that it does not fall.

10. Improve your posture. Spending the day in correct position avoids back pain and also helps mitigate back pain when it has already settled. Here are some exercises to improve posture.

When following these recommendations the back pain should relieve, but if it becomes constant this can be a sign of muscle weakness and so doing some physical activity may be necessary. As often the back pain is caused by bad postures, doing some postural re-education sessions with a specialized physical therapist can be of great help. However, if the pain does not pass read: What to do when back pain does not go away.

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